Neo BitMEX Futures Hedge Grid Alerts Premium v1.0

This indicator was made to streamline finding the optimal entry to cash and carry/hedge on a futures contract when margin trading.

Explanation of the indicator:
This indicator has built-in alert conditions that you can use to give you email alerts, in-browser sound alerts, or SMS alerts. These alerts are based upon futures prices being in contango or backwardation.
From top to bottom, the grid shows XBTU18, XBTZ18, OkEx's Quarterlies (OKCOIN:BTCUSD3M), and CME's futures .
  • Red: Futures are trading above your defined range (default 1%) of spot
  • Maroon: Futures are trading above twice your defined range of spot
  • Lime: Futures are trading below your defined range (default 1%) of spot
  • Green: Futures are trading below twice your defined range of spot

What's configurable:
  • % to trigger
  • Grid size
  • Bar color toggle
  • Label toggle
  • Spot/index source (Bitfinex's BTCUSD , BitMEX's XBTUSD , and BitMEX's XBT Index are available)

Currently this standalone indicator is 0.007 BTC for lifetime use.

Example of use:
On 4 May 2018, BitMEX's XBTU18 was trading >2% above perpetual swap. The grid alerts signaled that and if one were long on bitcoin spot on any exchange, then it would have been a good idea to hedge a short on XBTU18. Eventually from there the premium gap was closed while bitcoin fell.

Here is the indicator shown with bar coloring and labels.
Phát hành các Ghi chú: - added XBTH19
- removed XBTU18
- simplified inputs
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Crpyto tips appreciated! You can't lose value on what you don't have ; )
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BTC - 36GUCF9CAzrtgkXs199NELscFcc8bnchE1
XRP - rf5rHXUAgdUh3YbgaqeW8VWfoRwnTXNN48
Can I get access please?
Phản hồi
Can I get access please! thanks in advance
Phản hồi
Hi, bro can i get access please?? thanks in advance
Phản hồi
Awesome indicator!! Access please?
Phản hồi
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