So in this update model I did the following: add another ATR and put another linear slope
the reason for that is to have one more extra buy and sell point that run on different speed. this in theory can help us to make design different entry or exit for different situation (bear or bull market) also we can design one system only for exit and one system only for buy
big lime and red arrow =long and up in allert or short and down
small green and orange=long1 and up1 in allert and short1 and down1

added bulish and bear zone by the linear regression (set it to 20) i sometime set it to 50 to see larger picture:) (lenc)

my advice is for each coin or stock to set by the desire time frame the setting. remember that the buy is buy the ATR logic so if you make it shorter it will buy more . longer buy less. same thing on linear regreesion slope

I hope you will like it
have fun
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