Linear Regression + Moving Average

1. Linear Regression including 2 x Standard Deviation + High / Low. Middle line colour depends on colour change of Symmetrically Weighted Moving Average . Green zones indicate good long positions. Red zones indicate good short positions. (Custom)

2. Symmetrically Weighted Moving Average . Colour change depending on cross of offset -1. (Fixed)

3. Exponentially Weighted Moving Average . Colour change depending on cross with Symmetrically Weighted Moving Average . (Custom)

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Bình luận

Really great Script and MA concept is really doing well and Appreciate your Idea and effort for doing this.
Few Improvements:
1. if you can provide customization for upper band and lower of regression channel for the width of the lines,
2. Show/Hide of Fib levels ,
3. Instead of showing Two MA lines, if you can combine both & update with Single MA line with color based on Trend (Bullish -->Green , Bearish--> Red ). it would be great improvement.. Just like ChrisMoody does in his script...
+3 Phản hồi
very good!!!!
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