Minkovski Distance Period DVOG

This script was created by building my Dependent Variable Odd Generator script on the Minkovski Distance Adaptive Period.

I have tried this on MACD before.
Script related to MACD :

I used an older version that does not use Dow Factor to suit multi timeframe analysis.
In this way, market situations provide the opportunity to see histograms in an adaptive period as a Multi Timeframe .

Minkowski Distance Function Original Script by RicardoSantos :

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Bình luận

It seems to be a very advanced index with mathematical calculation
+1 Phản hồi
Noldo q328314167
@q328314167, Thank you so much mate!
Phản hồi
hey noldo can you give some insight as to how to interpret this with respect to a trend formation or how to interpret it in general ?
eg. what i understood in first glance was .. suppose i go short after a crossover the initial red value might not be much but as the price goes even below and the red value moves closer to 100 .. thats when you get out because it might be the local minima
Phản hồi
darkbeacon darkbeacon
@darkbeacon, and in another example ..... it he bar being 100 green suggests it has broken a resistance and another series of ascending green bars after the 100% green bar suggest strong uptrend after a resistance breakout
Phản hồi
Noldo darkbeacon
@darkbeacon, Hey thanks for your interest. Yellows are important too. I will work on DVOG and my research will continue.
I will publish scripts about them.
Phản hồi
@Noldo, Thank you for this amazing tool . . .also i am into deep learning ... will hit u up after 2 months after ive done my experiments on stocks with LSTMs n GANs
Phản hồi
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