Double KAMA + VWMA

This study combines a fast and slow Kaufman Adaptive Moving Averages (KAMA) with a fast and slow Volume-Weighted Moving Average(VWMA).

The KAMA is definitely one of our favorite moving averages because it takes into account volatility and filters out false signals during periods of insignificant or horizontal price movement. This results in more patient, less impulsive trading. At its most basic, the KAMA's value remains relatively close in value to the price when volatility is low then lags slightly behind it during highly volatile movements and larger trends.

We've plotted two Kaufman's Adaptive Moving Averages:
-The first KAMA is the slow KAMA, which we use as a trend filter. It is shown on the graph as the thicker solid line that alternates between green and red. When the trend filter KAMA is bullish, the line turns green. It then turns red when bearish. Users can adjust the lengths of the fast and slow EMA for the KAMA's calculation in the input option menu, but it is important to remember that the number of periods should remain high in comparison to the fast KAMA as this allows it to track long-term price movements and trends.

-We then include a fast KAMA which has shorter EMA Lengths to focus in on movements within a smaller timeframe.
NOTE: The fast KAMA is only plotted when the trend filter KAMA is generating bullish signals. It is shown as the alternating pink and teal line above the main green line. When the fast KAMA is increasing, its line and the area between it and the slow KAMA are filled teal. When the fast KAMA is falling, its line and the area between the fast and slow KAMA lines are colored pink. This helps with timing exits.

Lastly, we've included a fast and slow VWMA to time long entries. These are only plotted when the Trend Filter KAMA is bearish. The fast VWMA is the teal solid line under the trend filter KAMA and the slow VWMA is the pink line. Optimal entries will occur when the fast VWMA crosses above the slow VWMA. When the slow VWMA is greater than the fast VWMA, the area between the two lines is filled red, while the same area is filled teal when the fast VWMA is greater than the slow.

I've included entry signals (shown on the screenshot as the lime green background highlights), but this is the basic version of the indicator. If you're interested in taking a look at the full version with alerts and entry + exit signals, feel free to send us a message!

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