Lnear Regression ++

Here is another amazing script for you guys

Target Audience
++ Programmers
++ Linear Regression Enthusiasts

Please Use this Indicator If you understand the risk posed by linear regression ; ill explain some below

++ Raw Formulae for the linear regression
--I understand that tradingview explanation on how the linreg function works is not clear to many of you and therefore i included this for developers
--Yes its much simpler than you thought, Do Enjoy
++ Alerts
--You can get alerts when the lower band is crossed/touched based on your settings
--These alerts are not repainting at all.

Linear Regression Limits
As you traders know, the market changes from time and new levels will get drawn
The alerts are based on these new levels and once we have new ones, we keep updating

This script is similar to Bollinger Bands style of alerts, If the market moves continuously to one direction after the break of a band, The levels change and you may receive a new signal confirmation

Cheers!! Enjoy!! Feel free to ask me for any improvements
Phát hành các Ghi chú: Cleaned Up the code for easier binding

You can customise the ma type but please note; it will change the results of calculation

For user customisations and MTF feature, please use :
Mã nguồn mở

Với tinh thần của TradingView, tác giả đã xuất bản tập lệnh theo mã nguồn mở, vì thế trader có thể dễ dàng hiểu và tùy chỉnh được. Bạn có thể sử dụng miễn phí, hoặc tùy chỉnh lại mã đã được cấp phép bởi Quy tắc Chung. Bạn có thể sử dụng nó trên biểu đồ.

Bạn muốn sử dụng tập lệnh này trên biểu đồ?
Automate TradingView Alerts ->
->>> 😍😍🥰

Bình luận

You can add a display of the trend slope to determine the strength or weakness of a trend. Also, if possible, add MTFs for larger frames and blur them out, which is very beneficial when trading smaller time frames.
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DevLucem solobem
@solobem, pleaes checkout Linear Regression ++ it has that
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@DevLucem Thank for this great script and i find this very useful. I have one question for you, how can we add buy and sell alert in the script? (just like your other Linear Regression? I find this one more simple to use). Thank you
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lin_reg(src, len, off) =>
ma1 =sma(src, len)
ma2 =wma(src, len)

hi,man,where is The third parameter,off
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sometimes it repaints...
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its not work in 15 mint candle ??
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Can anyone please give an idea on how to convert this script into Python/Pandas code....Just high level logic will be enough...
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Hi lucemanb what was the logic or formula of linear Regression channel i want code into amibroker plz help me sir plz mail me if you are ok with my request
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First of all thanks for this amazing script. How can I set tradingview alerts on buy/sell signals?
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