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Bitcoin Sideways, Monday Rally to $19k

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
Quick Ichimoku analysis. Looks like we'll see Bitcoin going sideways for a few days before we bounce off the Ichimoku support shoulder, then begin a Monday morning rally to break a new ATH and target $19k.
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: I believe we'll reach the target tonight, probably within the next 6-8 hours. It appears that Coinbase hit $19.7k last night, so we're just waiting for Bitfinex to catch up.
Bình luận: I'm a couple weeks late here.. but I'll blame that on the holidays. Everything went sideways and is starting to catch up properly now. More rallies to come!
What's your stop? I see massive crash commercing Sunday with CME.
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AussieCrypto1 Jesse_Livermore
@Jesse_Livermore, Why? CME is cash settled, it has no control over the underlying price because no bitcoin is actually being traded.
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Jesse_Livermore AussieCrypto1
@AussieCrypto1, don't kid yourself... These CME traders have been loading up on BTC for the past month in order to short futures with leverage while selling the hell out of their bitcoins positions. This is the trade of the decade for them.
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AussieCrypto1 Jesse_Livermore
@Jesse_Livermore, LOL and your opinion is credible how? You say Eth is going to beat BTC down below too. HAHAHA.
Can you predict the future can you? Do you have the identities of all the CME traders and the proof they've been buying it all up? LOL.
I would look at what actual intelligent people are saying about CME and re-evaluate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCDSoaIstTM
Tone Vays has picked the market pretty damn well all year and so has Richard. I would trust their opinion over some random commenter any day of the week.
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Jesse_Livermore AussieCrypto1
@AussieCrypto1, good luck to you too! Your due diligence skills are impeccable by the way. Next time maybe click my name, read my forecasts and then try to come up with an intelligent response. I've nailed Bitcoin's movements for the past month in time and price. Think long and hard about that. And yes, ETH will likely see a heavy selloff like BTC but overall ETHBTC will likely outperform for the next month and next year.
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Tin.Foil Jesse_Livermore
@Jesse_Livermore, If you want to set a stop, I'd put it somewhere around 25% within the red Fib area. If it breaks below that point, I believe we may see it fall to the bottom of the second Fib area at around $13k.

I was actually expecting we'd see the $13k target for correction, but it never happened, stayed strong and thus I believe we're on for $19k or really $20k as Bitcoin continues to exceed my expectations and my predictions.

I have some earlier charts that show we'll target between $25k and 35k by the end of the year or so. I think we're still on target for those as well. $25k is entirely possible within 2 weeks. $30k maybe and $35k plausible as we continue to exceed expectations.

Seeing a nice rise in alt coins and also seeing that Bitcoin is a safe haven for alt coin trades. When your alt coin stops returning 30-300% per day, then move it back to BTC and HODL for the next opportunity.
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@Tin.Foil, got it. I myself am quite short BTCUSD; was just curious where you saw a stop as I like your stuff. Also, IMO, I think ETH will eventually come out on top after BTC collapses over the next couple weeks.
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