Game credits has massive opportunity, 6x opportunity

POLONIEX:GAMEBTC   GameCredits / Bitcoin

One more coin as Christmas Gift

I am very sleepy, so thought to make it very short.

Buy now (30250) and add on dips.

Targets :


Stop loss :

Below 20000
Bình luận: Do you want to thank me for this service? Please find my address below for tips/ gifts / donations.

BTC -0.29% : 17qNoLMc8DpajWaxhsqMSRwPSPypkQGqFM
ADA -37.50% : DdzFFzCqrhsoJ5XEBLkqcRcSm63LvvX3P4ptK1tgPPRmEoHsSG45JEPiNsfd59Kf7GzehhmHVjePBxDANbtDqMrfDYi5QL9mifSMqwUQ
DGB : D5HyUYwbKq2CFEgqsoqmVzcC1SwkznDLht
ETC : 0x18da7a132431f7ffbf71a94866072169f3266e10
MANA : 0xfdb33bf638ceec0b09221c7e3a36e1d9159179af

Your support and appreciation are appreciated.

Your gifts/tips/donations would help me to gain the confidence and boost my morale.
Bình luận: Still in buy range.
Bình luận: Our timing was bad, BTC price increase pushed all the altcoins down. Please hold and relax.
Bình luận: We are above the cost, Feel free to exit if you dnot like the coin.
Bình luận: As per my strategy, I will hold to top 100 coins. So I will not update about this thread anymore.

I apologize for this move, but this strategy is good for long-term and for my followers as well.
Bình luận: now you could see the movements in this.
Bình luận: Finally, 50% up and we would see lot of activities soo.
Bình luận: Didnot fall much, on support line. Can buy and stoploss is below the support.

Great! Very exciting! Have been holding GAME for a while.
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Please comment into our chart also about GAME BTC

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maheswar81 PRO AsiaBlockCapital
@AsiaBlockCapital, You are right, we are at low. Volume is also decent. Not sure why it is not bringing more attention. Maybe once the big heads give the call it will be pumped.
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maheswar81 PRO ForrestFunk
@ForrestFunk, Finally Yes. It is bit boring though. If you want you can reduce your exposure and leave the remaining.

Ex: If you have invested 1 BTC, reduce the exposure by 75% and leave the remaining.
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Is it still wise to hold. Or sell now when you're above cost?
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maheswar81 PRO ForrestFunk
@ForrestFunk, every coin takes its own time to fly. It is up to you hold or sell. Not all the coins go up daily or always.
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bitcoin moving: discounted prices everywhere :D
Phản hồi
is trade active?
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@cezza, yeah...wondering the same... is this the part where you "add on dips"?

Or is BTC gonna wreck all alts in btc ratio??
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