Gann Square Of 9 Levels

This script uses the last hlc3 value of 1H, 4H, D and/or W and rotates it 360º up/down with four increments of 90º to find out potential support and resistance areas. Can be used as a dynamic support & resistance tool or just to gauge how overbought/oversold the market is. Special thanks to @Nv56 for his assistance in writing this script.
Phát hành các Ghi chú: The first version had some minor issues with showing the most recent hlc3 value. This update fixes that problem.
Phát hành các Ghi chú: The final version. Only daily and weekly hlc3 levels.
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hmm, this doesn't look right, i think the math is wrong.
Phản hồi
ballofpaper ballofpaper
@ballofpaper, it is wrong, it's too simple and the input is wrong, those levels would be dollar accurate every time if correct. I've made this script already, i know these things after much time down the rabbit hole. 5 min box now should look like this.. , not this...
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MRZSKV ballofpaper
@ballofpaper, is your script available on TradingView? Would you mind sharing the direct link to it? Many thanks!
Phản hồi
Zoen_Trieste ballofpaper
@ballofpaper, the math is right. I have done backtesting with the square of 9 and found it to be correct. There are minor discrepancies in terms of rounding the numbers, but overall the approach is correct it seems. Please do share your approach, so we can work on this together for the benefit of all trading community here.
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Excellent work! Thank you for sharing!
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