ETH/USD almost done wave 3 in my opinion

COINBASE:ETHUSD   Ethereum / Đô la Mỹ
ETH looks like it is almost done with wave 3 of 5 on a daily scale. After 3 comes 4. which is a correction.

The only thing is we cant really tell how far up this can go. but it looks like its on the 5th wave of a smaller degree meaning I am expecting it to drop at least for a short term in order to correct and launch up to the fifth wave.

I seen a Head and shoulder pattern earlier showing that the price will hit AT LEAST $1400 or so.... it may have already reached that goal.

Just be careful guys. it can go up a lot more and turn parabolic... Do not take my word for anything please.

But in my honest opinion I believe we should be correcting rather soon.

Good luck everyone!
I seen another chart earlier today who also mentioned that it will reach around the 1800 mark before it starts to correct itself... Looks to be on track....
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