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Litecoin New Trading Opportunity

BITFINEX:LTCUSD   Litecoin / Đô la Mỹ
RSI confirms reversal ( Bullish Divergence ). MACD is supporting upward movement and has hit the bottom. Price bounced nicely from MA100 support which is indicating that the price wants to move further upwards.
To get further confirmations the price has to meet our conditions by breaking downtrend line and resistance line and if it breaks above these levels it's giving us signal to enter the markets. Buy orders should be above the downtrend line at 100 level. Stop-loss need to set 88 level.

In other scenario if the price does not break above these levels we should wait for another buy opportunity and cancel our orders. This is a longer term trade so it requires patience. Also if the price starts falling, stop-loss helps us to recover some of the money and giving a chance to buy cheaper.

Trading information:
Buy: Above 100
Partial Profit Target: 112
Main Profit target: 119
Stop-loss: 88 (near support level )

Things to remember:
  • To trade safely I recommend using stop-loss function in case something goes wrong.
  • It's better to wait than to regret. This is important when you are doing long term investments! Knowledge behind of your trades gives you success, more often!
  • Always be aware of things, trends and events what's happening around the current crypto you are trading. They may have big impact on the price movement!
  • You are responsible for your trades and it's important to do your own research before investing!

Any questions or need help? Feel free to leave comments and feedback!
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Bình luận: Update on LTCUSD
Next target will be at 2.0 fib extension which is 153 level.
Bình luận: Bull pennant pattern is breaking upwards. New entry level should be above 127 level.
Partial profit target is around 135 level. Main profit around 150 level.
Bình luận:
All targets reached. Congratulations to everyone who took this trade :)
Bình luận:
Update on LTCUSD:
Litecoinc recently breached top line of the flag pattern + seems like another bull run is coming. Breaches our resistance we should be able to see close to 180 and 200 levels.
Bình luận:
In my twitter I gave these targets who ever sent dm and requested them. Congratulations once again who took this trade! :)
Bình luận: New Litecoin trading idea can be found from here
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Dropped this hot potato just over $265. ETH's turn I suspect.
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This information has made me $760 dollars in a day. Thank you!
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yarr Smudger91
@Smudger91, you are very welcome! If you are feeling any generous here are my donation addresses. :)
BTC address 1MC58Vb2hcRgwLCHdDwcnWhFpM5Eamte8E
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ETH address 0x694fb8a5abaaa4da356eefdb38eb3efa19827a8e
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really wish i saw this post 5 hours ago
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yarr takecare14
@takecare14, telegram is really great for notifications
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+1 Phản hồi
Buy Litecoin and Hodl. Research Flat Earth on Youtube and Facebook.
Get woke. Live Free.
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Lets give LTC what it deserves, so ridiculously undervalued.
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