NAS💯USD | New Highs As The Bears Say Lower, Keep Trying Guys...

OANDA:NAS100USD   US Nas 100
💬 Tech has been in a non-stop uptrend within an uptrend channel as seen on this NASDAQ ( NAS100USD ) chart. While COVID has been rough in general for traditional businesses and the dollar, tech has had the unique fortune of benefiting from the recent stimulus fueled low-rate lockdown. With this strength in mind, and with top sector companies like Apple on the verge of hitting $2 trillion and continued weakness in the dollar, we think the NASDAQ has room to run while the market continues to favor risk-on tech companies and even assets like crypto. So then, will the NASDAQ test the top of the channel, perhaps on news that Congress has passed stimulus? Let's take a look.

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  • S1: This current ranges swing low which left us a short term Orderblock down there, expecting it to provide support if do see any downside short term.

  • S2: Upon seeing a breakdown outside of the bottom trendline, a retest of this S/R flip + Orderblock is quite reasonable. We will see how the market reacts to that much of a deviation from this current uptrending channel when we get there though so hold tight bulls.

  • R1: This short term Orderblock is likely to be tested soon if not while this writeup is put out. Don't hold your breath expecting this to hold any significant move down. Breaking above this R1 would lead to keeping an eye on the top of this upwards channel we continue to see respected.

    Market Breadth:
  • Tech: As you can see, Technology as a whole is bullish here. This is a positive signal for the NASDAQ and implies an ability to move higher.

  • USD: The continued weakness in the dollar bodes well for the current uptrend in tech to continue. It is hard to justify sitting in low yield savings accounts with a weak dollar versus the hefty returns in the ultra bullish NASDAQ.

  • Crypto: Crypto has been bullish recently. Crypto is a risk-on, tech asset, and "safe haven" like Gold . Its continued strength also bodes well for the NASDAQ to continue its uptrend.


All signs point to the NASDAQ uptrend continuing, however after forming such a clean channel a decisive break in either direction will be something to take seriously. If the bottom falls out and S2 can't hold, it could be time for a major correction. If we somehow break out to the upside, hold onto your hats, because the Moon is the limit.


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