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Despite the pressure, gold prices continued to consolidate as the Federal Reserve signaled that its monetary policy peak had been reached but there was no interest rate cut yet, according to minutes of the currency meeting
Almost all participants noted the possible risks of moving too quickly to ease policy field settings and emphasized the importance of carefully evaluating incoming data on sufficiency. development will definitely decrease to 2%. However, some participants pointed to the extremely dangerous risks to the economy associated with maintaining restrictive field settings for too long,” the minutes said.

Although expectations for the start of the Federal Reserve's holiday continue to be pushed back, according to one market strategist, the longer the central bank waits, the greater the risk of policy errors, which This could ultimately benefit precious metals.
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SELL XAU 2024- 2026

TP1: 2020
TP2: 2015

SL: 2032
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SELL XAU 2034- 2036

TP1: 2030
TP2: 2025

SL: 2043
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RUNNING + 50 pips
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Hit TP2 + 100 pips

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