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XLM +3900% target $36.00 within 90 days

BITTREX:XLMUSD   Lumen / US Dollar
Stellar Lumens is up. Looking over long term charts, I see the previous 2 rallies were 2300% and 7800%.

If we figure half of 7800% for potential growth over the same period (90 days), then we may see +3900% with a target of $36.00.

If we take the average of the two prior rallies 2300 + 7800 = +5050% with a target of $48.00.

These are very rough estimations as there is not much trade analysis going on here, other than a comparison of rallies and knowing that XLM just overtook Litecoin for market cap.

Some useful news as relates to XLM:



Stellar in #6 position of all cryptos, as of today, surpassed Litecoin and others.

XLM is the alternative to XRP and XLM has some benefits over XRP in that it's for the unbanked individuals and is fully decentralized, compared to ripple which is highly centralized around banks and institutions.

Stellar has the potential to upset and replace XRP in the #2 position for market cap where libertarian views push XLM near the top.
Bình luận: Pitchfork for +400% zoomed in a bit.
Bình luận: You think I'm crazy.. check out where that pitchfork leads.. if we look at what I've plotted on the 4h charts:
Bình luận: Bigger pitchfork based on daily climb... $23 is the target in the middle, but may go as high as $36-75 while staying within the current daily pitchfork.

Bình luận

The comments make me laugh. Keep at it. :-D

I'm no expert, I'm just showing you what I see in the charts. I'm still broke, but maybe not for much longer if things continue moving well.
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You are actually stupid. This would put XLM at more than twice the market cap of bitcoin.
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Tin.Foil willkgraham
@willkgraham, You understand that $200 billion in new money came into the market during the first week of January, right? That's a 30% increase in the overall crypto market cap, in just one week. What do you think will happen in the next 90 days? I'll bet at least 300% increase in new money, adding to the overall crypto market cap. So, yes, it's entirely possible that it may meet the market cap by then and bitcoin may still be ahead because it will have a few trillion in new money. Let's not forget the $5 trillion coming towards XRP in the same period.
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svhill11 Tin.Foil
@Tin.Foil, We crashed, that is what happened...
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Well... Just insane to me cause i have 500k lumens in my bag since nov'17. Was bought at 355 sat. Imagine how rich i am with $36 price... Lol.
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impier indra.dailami
@indra.dailami, lol you already are? :-)
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So, you are saying XLM will have (103,570,548,975 * 36 ) = 3,728,539,763,100 market cap for just XLM which is 4.9 times of total market now. HOW??
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@whydoyoucare, Circulating Supply 17,877,229,802 XLM this is total supply. With your math ripple market already is first :)

So going back to math

17,877,229,802 * 36 = 643,582,792,872 so still 1 time, but If we look how fast marketcap is growing I would go with other math. Market cap is daily growing by avg 80bil, if we keep this at this level durning 90 days we have

80bil * 90 = 7200 bil, if we add todays marketcap we have something around 8 trillion of $. Now lets check the % that XML is taking. Stellar is now a 1.8 GLOBAL market cap. 2% of 8 trillion is 160,000,000,000 devided by 17,877,229,802 we 8,94 in 90 days MAX:P

with this we have also
BTC : $143 012
ETH : $10 567

bla bla bla :D

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whydoyoucare Osobnik-lubujacy-anonimowosc
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TK-does-stocks Osobnik-lubujacy-anonimowosc
@Osobnik-lubujacy-anonimowosc, I honestly believe the long anticipated bubble on crypto has popped. Note I'm not saying crypt is dead but I think given the hype levels that were going on it clearly indicated a top of a major hype cycle. How do I know? well, for my 80 year old uncle to call me out of blue asking me about crypto, ripple to be specific, I'm fairly sure that at this point it was heading down. I think it will continue down for a little while. Personally I saw it coming and I exited everything and I had a substantial position in ETH as an ICO holder. ETH went from 15 to 1400 in a single year! my logic dictates that it can go down equally as fast. Now I'm free to look at things with a fresh unbiased view and I need to dig in to Stellar more..
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