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BTC target +235% to $45,700 by Feb 8th 2018

COINBASE:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
Notes in the image. Bullish flag . Rally sizes. Likely breakout point from flag.

Also note:
50-61% Fib Retracement after target reached, new buy zone

Volatility gets wild, $20k swings in price levels.

This target date shows Feb 8th, although we could hit it by Jan 15th as my earlier TA shows. This is just a longer term version and taking into consideration that we are about to break out of the bullish flag within the next couple hours (if it happens).

If we don't break out of this bullish flag , I feel we may have entered a new long term downtrend and with Ripple gaining ground, there may be a big move from many loyal to Bitcoin over to Ripple over the next few months, possibly putting Ripple in the lead.
Bình luận: Here comes the breakout! It's a day early.. you're welcome!

I expect futures markets tomorrow to show Bitcoin targets around $60k. Mark my words.

Bình luận: Yep, looks pretty clear to me.
Bình luận: I'll concede, we may be approaching a bull trap with Bitcoin, simply because the markets are shifting and XRP is catching quickly with market cap, nearly 50% of Bitcoins market cap now and within the next few weeks, may overtake bitcoin for market cap. This along with Coinbase accepting XRP possibly in the coming weeks and a few other coins following closely (XLM biggest contender to XRP). XLM could pass XRP in market cap after people realize that XRP is not distributed and your XRP funds may be frozen or controlled by banks and institutions. The libertarian views will kick in and propel XLM forward above XRP and coins like Dash and Monero may become even more popular for privacy reasons.

Bình luận

Hi bro. Firstly, I'm really appreciated your ideas and your knowledge. People didn't believe you at first, but now it looks solid, at least to me. Secondly, I have a question to you, if you don't mind? Right now I'm holding some alt coins ( LTC, XMR, STRAT, BCH ... ). I'm planning to sell all of them with just a little loss, to keep 100% of my capital on BTC. Do you think it will be good idea? Or should I keep XMR and sell the others? I'm really looking forward to hear your advices, as I understood that you known a lot of things that I didn't know. Thank you very much in advanced!
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Tin.Foil balboa8668
@balboa8668, Diversify.. I keep a big portion of my coin in whatever coin is paying the highest at the moment, or those that I project will pay the highest. Then I have a few portions of coin in other currencies, some for long term holds, as little as $2-3 worth and others at higher values. One of those others was TRX, which has been a consistent leader over the past few weeks, so now that is my current lead coin. I'll move back to BTC or ETH or LTC temporarily as kind of a safe haven while the coins go through consolidation or fallback to the 61% fib retracement after a rally. Then soon as I feel the fallback is over, I'll re-evaluate that coin and others, see which one has the greatest potential and I'll start taking positions for each.

I also may start my positions on a new coin small, maybe $20, then kick it to $100 or $200 or more as it starts to move up. This way, if I make a bad call, I'm not risking too much too early. Once my confidence is up, I jump in with 30-60% of my overall portfolio value and let it ride for a bit. Then I restart the same process again.
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hi/why i cant like u/may u take a look to xvg/i belive u
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Agetob mors2024
@mors2024, XVG for the win!
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by the way volatility is bad for asset prices, you dont have large disagreements on value during a bull market, hence price stays stable
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Brian_Jeon ziptrade
@ziptrade, upward volatility means it is still too light.. don't worry
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you are a fucking idiot you're saying its going to nearly triple in 3 months. after up 20x in 1 year?? with no backing?
stop scribbling on your chart
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Tin.Foil ziptrade
@ziptrade, 2 words: Derivatives Market

Here are a few more words:

And the best part:
"The derivatives market is, in a word, gigantic, often estimated at more that $1.2 quadrillion. Some market analysts estimate the derivatives market at more than 10 times the size of the total world gross domestic product, or GDP."

Current market cap of Bitcoin, around $300B. Bring derivatives market into play and we introduce another $1T or more within the first quarter of 2018.

The logarithmic growth of Bitcoin is going vertical, therefore the charts will accelerate exponentially in growth.

BTW, I love when people tell me I'm wrong. :D
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@ziptrade, I hope you eat your own words if this plays out. Will you be happy to come back and say you were the Idiot? Tin Foil makes some great points and Bitcoin still has so much growing potential. If you think 20x in one year is a lot, what about when it went from $14 to $1000 in 2013?? Much more than 20x. I think it's silly to be screaming idiot when we have had this growth in the past.
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It could be possible if there were lots of good news coming out. Same possibility as it going to 8,000, but if it drops that low it probably won’t make it.
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